Don’t let these blockbuster numbers fool you. While 2023’s 10 priciest real estate transactions racked up a total sales volume of nearly $1.2 billion, slightly surpassing our 2022 list’s tally, these deals were the exceptions. In almost every luxury market across the country, overall volume declined by double-digit percentages compared to the prior year, driven by economic jitters and soaring interest rates. Among the most severely impacted markets was the greater Los Angeles area, where there’s currently a glut of luxury mansions up for grabs, many of them sporting heavily slashed listing prices. Even typically downturn-proof communities such as Aspen and Palm Beach were not immune to the slowdown.

As always, a majority of the top 10 deals were hush-hush transfers inked off-market. And it’s worth noting that all but two of the deals involved oceanfront—or at least waterfront—properties, suggesting buyers are still willing to shell out big for trophy vacation homes with direct beach access. Here’s our list of 2023’s priciest residential sales.